About me! (An Introduction)

Hello! My name is Ameryn and welcome to my blog!  (Ahhh I can't believe I'm saying that.)

Here are a few things about me: I am a Christian. My faith is a huge part of my identity and my journey. I LOVE helping others and making them smile, even though I'm shy. I'm a writer, although I'm a bit tentative to call myself that because I feel that you kind of have to be a professional
to be a 'writer'. I'm also an artist...again, tentatively saying that. But I love painting and creating beautiful things. I'm a musician too. (No doubt about that!) Music is one of my biggest passions. As you can see, I'm a very creative person.

Now that you know a bit more about me, let's get down to the question that I'm sure is on your mind. Why did I start this blog?

There are three reasons I started this blog: The first one is because I want to help people. I want to share my experiences and advice about various things, not only regarding mental health issues but other things too.
The second reason is because I thought it would help me too. I'm currently in the process of recovering from a huge 'episode', if I may call it that, and I thought that writing about mental health would help me to take care of my own. For a long time now, I've wanted a space to share my thoughts and feelings about the world, with the world and I've finally plucked up the courage to do so!
The third and final reason is to glorify God. This is something that has been on my heart for a long time and I know this is something that He has called me to do. Everything that I do is to ultimately bring Him glory!

So, what will you find on this blog? Well, my main aim is to help YOU along your mental health journey and provide helpful information that will enrich your life. As I've mentioned, my faith is a big part of MY journey, and I would like to share a bit about that too but I want to emphasize that the purpose of this blog is to help others. I want you to know that there will be no discrimination against anyone who has a different faith or belief. I want everyone to be able to benefit from my posts, no matter what religion you are! EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE.
That's why I called this blog Plasters for Hearts, I want to help you heal your brokenness with love.
I am a passionate person and I want to share these passions with the world, so I will be writing about some other topics as well. Some of these things are: music, art, and literature.

It would mean so much to me if you would click that 'subscribe' button up top so that you will be notified whenever I post!

I hope that you will come along on this journey with me. I would really appreciate your support!
Stay tuned for my next post!

Lots of love, Ameryn


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